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Award winning technology veteran with a career spanning across multiple industries. Excelling at building winning teams and delivering top quality software, I pride myself on the ability to work directly with vision holders to build amazing products on time and on budget.

How to get in touch with me.

I would love to hear from you and discuss how I can help you address the issues, needs and concerns of your business!

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  • Phone: 818 262 8552
  • City: Las Vegas, USA

Available for Software Consulting, Interim CTO, Mentoring and Entrepreneurial Advice


Some facts about my work.

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Staff Development, Technology Development, Strategic Partnerships, Vendor Negotiations and Management, Roadmap Planning, Roadmap Execution, Business Strategy, Advisory Board, Board of Directors.

Microsoft .NET C# 100%
HTML 5 100%
JavaScript 100%
SQL 100%
Chief Technology Officer 100%
Roadmaps 100%
Talent Acquisition 100%
Talent Retention 100%

Media Appearances

Here are some of my media appearances.

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Both virtually and in person, the following are some of the services i provide.

Organization Management

CTO Services (Interim, permanent), Staff Performance reviews, Talent Evaluation. I conduct a top to bottom review and management of struggling organizations to turn them around and build winning teams.

Software Consulting

Need a project done? For smaller projects I provide individual software development services. For larger projects I will spin up an in house or an outsourced vetted team.

Advisory Board

Experienced in Advisory Board or Board of Directors roles. I can provide my expertise in helping your business grow.

Code Reviews

Evaluating your team’s code on regular basis helps preventing technical debt and unlocking bottlenecks in delivery times or system’s performance.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping and developing a proof of concept for investors or your board including investor presentations. I helped entrepreneurs get from Zero to One in the shortest amount of time while utilizing less resources.

Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring sessions with your developers. I coach software teams to become high performing and achieve better predictability with lower cost.