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How to change the site title in Dolphin 7.0

I was playing around today with Dolphin 7.0 checking it out. I wanted to change the site title. It’s a simple thing but I couldn’t find anything in the admin panel. I Googled it and found I need to edit the file and set $site['title'] to my new title. When I looked at there was no $site['title'] there so I added it. This helped for one request. After that the title went back to “My Dolphin” so I started to look around. I started in index.php and I ended up in I noticed the value is being called from the following SQL statement. "SELECT `desc` FROM `sys_options` WHERE `Name` = '$param_name'" so I opened the database. I used Tarantula of course :) I modified the table sys_options.

UPDATE yardsale_dolph.sys_options SET VALUE = 'My new title' WHERE sys_options.Name = 'site_title';

That seemed to work.

Posted 31 Jan 2010 6:20 AM by Gal Ratner
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