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  • Give your old ASP.NET validators a makeover with jQuery TOOLS

    If you have been working with the default validators in ASP.NET for a while you are probably used to the plain old look they create on your page and while you can rework the way they look, ASP.NET validators are essentially a Label. They are unable to change the appearance of other elements or run scripts without a complete page postback. jQuery TOOLS
    Posted to .NET Development (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 8 Nov 2011
  • Deep dive into the LinkedIn API: Use C# to search for your dream Job (writing C# :))

    LinkedIn has an extensive API designed to access almost every aspect of the site. Developers can access People and Connections, Groups, Companies, Jobs, Social Stream, Communications and more. There are two types of LinkedIn APIs: JavaScript based and REST based with the ability to connect the two. For example: you can log in with a JavaScript button
    Posted to .NET Development (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 14 Oct 2011
  • How to record Skype voice conversations

    First let’s start at the end. If you are looking for free software to record Skype voice conversations, please skip to the bottom of this page and download the attached file. It contains a Windows Installer msi file and should install a recorder on your machine. The rest of you, please keep reading :) Skype uses a public API to listen and transmit
    Posted to .NET Development (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 27 Aug 2011
  • Search for flight information with the Bing API

    The Bing API allows developers to query the Bing Engine. Queries can be sent using JSON, XML or SOAP. In order to query Bing you will need an Application ID available on the Bing Developer Center . You will also need to agree to the terms of service. The Bing API includes support for Images, Answers, news, Phonebook, related, Spellcheck, Translation
    Posted to General Programming (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 16 Aug 2011
  • Secure user authentication with one way password hash

    Keeping users passwords in your database is a part of almost every application, yet securing passwords is rarely being done correctly. I recently read an article by Coda Hale about the ineffectiveness of password salts. Coda Suggested using bcrypt to store passwords. He reasoned his argument by explaining bcrypt is extremely slow to compute, therefore
    Posted to .NET Development (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 5 Jul 2011
  • Display your top selling products in ASP.NET using a Bubble Chart

    System.Web.DataVisualization contains 34 types of charts. The most common of them is the Column chart on which I already blogged about in Display a sales chart with ASP.NET Chart control and Linq to SQL . Today I am going to take our sales chart one step further and display the top selling products for the year. Since we have multiple products for each
    Posted to .NET Development (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 27 Jun 2011
  • Sharing memory session between servers

    Session variables hold per user information. Unlike cookies, sessions store information on the server rather than on the client. The client holds a session cookie with the client’s session ID and at the time of an HTTP request, the server accesses the client’s session ID and retrieves the session data. The default implementation of session
    Posted to .NET Development (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 1 Jun 2011
  • Spatial Search made easy with Google Maps API and SQL Server 2008

    Spatial search is the process of searching locations nearby to a position in space. A good example of a spatial search would be finding all of the restaurants near your present location. With Google’s Maps API and SQL Server’s Geography data types we can build a quick spatial search in no time. In this little exercise I will be detecting
    Posted to .NET Development (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 14 May 2011
  • Consume an OData WCF Data Service as JSON with JQuery

    OData(Open Data Protocol) is an HTTP based protocol for querying and updating data using full REST syntax. The full specifications of OData can be found on WCF Data Services (formerly ADO.NET Data Services, formerly Project Astoria) is the .NET based implementation of OData enabled services. WCF Data Services can use an Entity Framework
    Posted to .NET Development (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 14 Apr 2011
  • Four ways to utilize Entity Framework 4

    There is some confusion out there about a simple question: How can I use Entity Framework? Some developers have heard about reverse engineering models so I decided to write a quick preview to the main features of EF4. This isn’t an in-depth article, but, rather a visual summary of the main four scenarios EF can accommodate. If you are looking
    Posted to .NET Development (Weblog) by Gal Ratner on 23 Mar 2011
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